Foot and Body Powder

futspa's Foot and Body Powder has a silky feel on your feet or body, while it absorbs moisture and odour and fights athlete's foot fungus. When used in combination with futspa Nail Drops in foot baths, cracked foot conditions are remarkably improved. To help prevent fungus or athlete's foot fungus from surviving or re-infecting, sprinkle some foot powder in your shoes. This foot powder also has wonderful deodorant properties to make those old shoes smell fresh again. Simply sprinkle on your feet or in your shoes or socks. Contains absolutely no talc!



Click for larger view - Foot and Body Powder for you. Foot and Body Powder
100 g Shaker

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Contains : Corn Starch, Sodium Bicarbonate, Zinc Oxide, Essential Oil Synergy of Geranium & Orange
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There are many different names for this shaker bottle of foot and body powder: powder for feet, anti-odour for feet, foot-smell reducers, smelly feet gone, shoe-odour absorption, foot deodorisers, deodorizers for foot smell, eliminate smell in shoes, deodorizers for smelly shoes, deluxe foot powder, prevent foot fungus, toenail fungus reducer, sock powder, powder for socks and shoes

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