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Accupressure Foot Roller

Enjoy the healthful, invigorating benefits of an accupressure foot massage treatment right in your own home, at your office, or while travelling - without the cost. Rejuvenating your feet will help you feel great all over your body!
  • Relieve many discomforts with these new accupressure foot rollers.
  • Improves circulation.
  •  Get stimulated at your office desk with this foot roller massager...
  • Needs no batteries or awkward cords.
  • Made of a tough plastic that will last indefinitely.
  • Gives instant relief to tired, aching feet.
  • Helps people who suffer from arthritis, flat feet, or nerve damage in the feet.
  • Just a few minutes of using this massager will derive positive results.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Stimulates thousands of nerve endings located in the soles of your feet.
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Foot Roller Massager

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Many people know the benefits of accupressure on the body. This do-it-yourself foot roller massage replicates the basic push and release technique used by professional masseuses and Reflexologists. Order one for yourself and one as a gift! (The shipping is the same for one or two - so you will get the second one with no additional S & H charge.)  

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There are many different names for this handy device: accupressure foot rollers,  foot roller massage, foot massagers,  foot massager, foot massage roller, roller foot massager, foot roller and massager, foot roller, and foot rollers. Accupressure foot rollers, foot roller massagers

Note: this item is not a xtc professional strength foot massager.

Rejuvenating your feet will help you feel great all over your body!


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