New Fall Special!

Welcome to Fall and the season of brilliant colour.
This season's special will encourage you to take great care of those beautiful feet you have.
Don't put them away for winter without making sure they are in the best possible condition.

Calendula oil is a rich amber colour, representing this colourful season.
This oil is a moisturizer for arms, legs and feet.
Calendula's properties are specific to healing the skin and is an amazing oil.
futspa's foot cream softens and nourishes dry heels and calouses.
futspa's nail drops fights fungus.
The small dropper bottle comes with instructions on how to make every drip count and prevent wasting any of futspa's powerful nail drops.

Special Breakdown

Contains: Regular Prices:
50ml bottle calendula oil $12.00
30ml jar futspa foot cream     $12.50
17ml bottle nail drops $35.50
small dropper bottle $2.35
Regular price total......  $62.35

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On Special FOR JUST $53.00
That's a savings of 15%!

Order now for yourself or order several as gifts and save!
This fall offer only valid until Oct 31!

This futspa SPECIAL OFFER will help you feel great, eliminate toenail fungus,
and save you money! Order today!

All futspa products are natural and made in small batches to ensure you receive the freshest possible product, direct from the manufacturer. Instructions for use are included with each order.
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